Elleterm Energy

Efficiency and quality in the management of building stock

Elleterm Energy is a multifaceted company which specializes in providing the services needed for property management and building renovation and for maximizing energy efficiency.

The firm was established by a group of specialist building plant engineers in 2000; since then it has steadily grown and expanded its range of expertise to the point where, in 2011, it became a General Contractor. Today it has two bases, one in Rome and the other in Milan, from which it can ensure building and maintenance coverage of the whole country and beyond.

Elleterm Energy works alongside major companies, real estate and hotel groups and property management companiesin their day-to-day activities; the number of customers and individual or collaborative projects grows with every passing year.

The company has a Quality Management system meeting UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and is in the course of getting other certifications, as well as winning awards in various branches of equipment design and installation.


Our Management

Our managers have sound technical expertise and long managerial experience in the infrastructure services industry, enabling them to handle an extremely wide range of projects in terms of size and complexity. See their CVs and get in touch with them here.

Luigi Tartaro
Luigi Tartaro


Edoardo Crispiatico
Edoardo Crispiatico

General Manager


Company Profile

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