Elleterm Energy

Innovation and research at the customer’s service

So that it can guarantee all-round support at every stage of a project, Elleterm Energy has an lean and innovative structure which makes extensive use of new technology to make the entire work process better and faster.

Our team uses the most up to date hardware and software for remote plant management; this allows detailedplanning of services and constant monitoring of central units.

We have an in-house division dedicated to research and development, enabling us to try out new materials and techniques and so provide our customers with ever more efficient and innovative solutions.

The technicians we dispatch to our customers’ sites are in constantly in touch with the design team and the computer network back at HQ. That enables them to quickly come up with new solutions andconstantly improve performance, surpassing the customer’s expectations time after time.



International outlook and vigorous growth

Elleterm Energy is a steadily expanding company which sets great store by the development of international relationships, with the open-minded and dynamic approach characteristic of big companies.

The unending quest for efficiency has always driven us to look beyond national borders – to measure ourselves against the best firms in the industry as well to seek out the most effective materials and technologies.

Just recently, however, we have made an extra effort and set ourselves a development plan for providing our services anywhere in the world and constantly reinforcing our presence abroad.

Our aim is to export our distinctive technical, design and managerial know-how all over the world and bring about that union of Italian efficiency and quality with the special features of local circumstances which gives rise to truly international projects.

We have agreements in place with specialist firms and partners in various countries, enabling us to work closely with each country’s technicians to develop its economy.


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